28-29 Apr 2018 Ottawa (Canada)

Bilingual from birth: process, pedagogy and policy

OLBI is hosting, through its research centre CCERBAL, a two-day   international conference which will be a unique occasion for   researchers, teachers, students and all others with an interest in   bilingual development to gather and share knowledge and ideas.

Keynote   addresses will be delivered by Erika Hoff (Florida Atlantic   University), Thierry Nazzi (Paris V) and Linda Polka (McGill).

Invited symposia on the topics of Language background assessment andthe Interplay of bilingualism and ethnolinguistic identity as well as round tables on Bilingual-monolingual similarities during infancy and Exogamy and Francophone minorities will provide forums for in-depth discussions of the conference themes.

Conference Chairs are Christopher Fennell (fennell@uOttawa.ca) and Richard Clément (rclement@uOttawa.ca).

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